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S3200 | Angle cryogenic safety valve

The S3200 safety valves have angle screwed connections M/F NPT (ANSI B 1.20.1) or GAS (BSPPISO228/1). They are suitable for use with cryogenic fluids up to -200°C or with high temperature fluids up to +200°C. The valve design ensures the achievement of a set pressure of 150 bar with a rating class 900. The stem is guided in the upper part stream and the disk has the blowdown ring. The S3200 valves are designed according to ASME standards B16.34 and comply with 2014/68/EU (PED) cat.IV standards requirements.


  • Angle body
  • Blowdown ring
  • Suitable for cryogenic fluids
  • Stem/plug guided
  • Screwed connections M/F
  • Max inlet rating ANSI 900
  • Max outlet rating ANSI 300
  • Orifice 8.1 mm & 10 mm
  • PED Certificate IV cat.

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