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S3100 | Angle cryogenic safety valve

The S3100 safety valves have angle screwed connections F/F NPT (ANSI B 1.20.1) or GAS (BSPP ISO228/1). They are suitable for use with cryogenic fluids up to -200°C or with high temperature fluids up to 400°C. The valve design ensures the achievement of a set pressure of 350 bar with a rating class #2,500. The stem is guided in the upper part stream and the disk has the blowdown ring. A balanced bellow is provided, on request, for backpressures more than 10% of the set pressure value. The S3100 valves are designed according to ASME Standards B16.34 and comply with 2014/68/EU (PED) cat.IV standard requirements.


  • Angle body
  • Blowdown ring
  • Suitable for cryogenic fluids
  • Stem/plug guided
  • Screwed connections F/F
  • Max inlet rating ANSI 2500
  • Max outlet rating ANSI 300
  • Orifice from 10 mm to 21.1 mm
  • PED Certificate IV cat.
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